We give our time to causes we believe in

These are just a few

Please take the time and watch this video Dan Guindon and I put together as Summer Girl Media's donation to this wonderful cause.. it is things like this and the incredible people like Kevin that make what we do so humbling. I lost my Mom to this disease.. my prayers go out to all the people stricken by it and to all the families devastated by it...

Performance NYC Toshi's Penthouse. Nancy put this together for the networks to showcase one of our shows and cast.

The Veterans are near and dear to our heart.We shot this complimentary promo video of Wreaths Across America for them

A fundraiser for Rivertown Film created and produced by Nancy August and Lennon Nersesian

April 2017-Back Bay Event Center Boston "Boston Beats ALS"  Our Music Supervisor, renown bassist David C Gross has put together an All Star Band featuring the Uptown Horns, Steve Holley, Benny Harrison, Eric Nicolas and the inimitable Peter Wolf.

Other Organizations we continue to support

Foundations we fully support