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We are pleased to announce that Summer Girl Media has begun pre production on the amazing story of Slim Galliard.

Jazz is America's one true art form and is the original soundtrack to the American dream. Our history cannot be played without the sweet notes of Satchmo, Duke, and Cab. But, there may not be a more important and influential voice in the nation’s first great musical language than the bootleggin,’ boogie-woogieing, boxing mortician gang-running vaudevillian, cult figure: Slim Gaillard.
Bigger than life, there aren't enough words to describe this enigmatic and legendary figure.
So, with the help of the Vout-o-Reenee language Slim that invented, we go back to Slim's first scattin' measure in the song of his life with melody, harmony, improvisation, and rhythm.

If only a fraction of Slim Galliard’s unbelievable story were true, then he led an extraordinary life.

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