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Alexandra Bowie Screenwriter, Show Creator & Documentary Journalist Academic Background: B.A. Broadcasting, State University College at Buffalo Film, City College of New York French, University of California Los AngelesProfessional Experience: Screenwriter, Show Creation and Development Alexsandra Bowie, a New York City native, now residing in Los Angeles, is an experienced, thought-provoking screenwriter, show creator and documentary journalist. She takes any subject and presents the best story. Alexsandra, with her production Daydream Project 126 Studio writes, creates original content and for clients for film, television, radio and Internet. Alexsandra Bowie is a writer and photographer for multiple magazines and newspapers including the national magazine, Heart & Soul. Some of the subjects she has covered are the best unknown vacation getaways, autism, celebrity interviews and life after being trafficked for sex. She is a thorough and thoughtful interviewer. Alexsandra allows her subjects to disclose their story while maintaining their integrity. Alexsandra started as a photographer, photojournalist then evolved into a videographer for news and cinematographer. Her photographs tell their own story without words. 

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